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The small series of Omron PLC CQM1 allows a flexible system configuration with a backplane-free structure. Omron Industrial Automation has halted the production of CQM1 programmable controllers from March 2012 to standardize the scalable platform that supports the CJ2, CP1 and CS1 series.

Active filters

Omron CQM1-AD041 Analog Input Module

AD041 Analog Input Module

Omron CQM1-AD042 Analog Input Unit

AD042 Analog Input Unit

Omron CQM1-B7A02 I/O Module

B7A02 I/O Module

Omron CQM1-CPU11 CPU Unit 24 VDC

CPU11 CPU Unit 24 VDC

Omron CQM1-CPU11-9 CQM1- End Plate

CPU11-9 End Plate

Omron CQM1-CPU11-E CPU Unit 24 VDC

CPU11-E CPU Unit 24 VDC

Omron CQM1-CPU21 CPU Module

CPU21 CPU Module

Omron CQM1-CPU41 CPU Unit

CPU41 CPU Unit

Omron CQM1-CPU41-E CPU Unit

CPU41-E CPU Unit

Omron CQM1-CPU41-EV1 CPU Unit

CPU41-EV1 CPU Unit

Omron CQM1-CPU41-V1 Programmable...

CPU41-V1 Programmable Controller

Omron CQM1-CPU42-E CPU