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Omron CPM2 CPU comes equipped with an RS-232C interface as standard, e.g. to provide easy connection to a Programmable Terminal for fast and easy machine monitoring, setpoint adjustment, etc. Simple positioning with the pulse I/O function is another example of the many advanced functions and high added value that the CPM2 brings to compact machines. Removable terminal blocks ensure easy maintenance, and the CPM2 uses the same expansion I/O Units as Omron CPM1 for easy and economical sharing of system components.

Active filters

Omron CPM2A-20CDR-A Programmable...

20CDR-A Programmable Controller

Omron CPM2A-30CDR-A-U1 Programmable...

30CDR-A-U1 Programmable Controller

Omron CPM2A-60CDR-A Programmable...

60CDR-A Programmable Controller

Omron CPM2A-60CDT-D CPU Module With...

60CDT-D CPU Module With 60 I/O Points

Omron CPM2C-10CDR-D I/O Module

10CDR-D I/O Module

Omron CPM2C-16ETC Output Module

16ETC Output Module

Omron CPM2C-20C1DTC-D Programmable...

20C1DTC-D Programmable Controller

Omron CPM2C-24EDT1C I/O Module

24EDT1C I/O Module

Omron CPM2C-32CDT1C-D Control Unit

32CDT1C-D Control Unit

Omron CPM2C-32CDTC-D Programmable...

32CDTC-D Programmable Controller

Omron CPM2C-32EDT1C I/O Unit

32EDT1C I/O Unit

Omron CPM2C-32EDTC I/O Module

32EDTC I/O Module