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Omron's PLC CJ series offers all the necessary functions from machine control to process control in a backplane structure and allows flexible system configuration.

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Omron CPU43H CPU Module

CPU43H CPU Module

Omron CPU44H CPU Module

CPU44H CPU Module

Omron CPU45H CPU Unit


Omron CPU66H CPU Module

CPU66H CPU Module

Omron CPU11 CPU Module

CPU11 CPU Module

Omron CPU12 CPU Unit

CPU12 CPU Unit

Omron CPU13 CPU Module

CPU13 CPU Module

Omron CPU13-ETN CPU Module

CPU13-ETN CPU Module

Omron CPU21 24VDC CPU Unit

CPU21 24VDC CPU Unit

Omron CPU23 Programmable Logic...

CPU23 Programmable Logic Controller

Omron AD041-V1 Analog Input Module

AD041-V1 Analog Input Module

Omron CLK21-V1 Controller Link Unit

CLK21-V1 Controller Link Unit