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Omron CPUs C200H uses the battery C200H-BAT09, the bus drives and backplane C200H, units of input and output C200H-I C200H-O and allow various configurations of I/O and memory. Integrate on CS1, CQM1, CVM1 and other Omron platforms. Network communications include SYSMAC LINK, SYSMAC NET and / or Ethernet networks.

Active filters

Omron C200H-0A223 Discrete I/O Module

C200H-0A223 Discrete I/O Module

Omron C200H-AD001 Analog Input Module

C200H-AD001 Analog Input Module

Omron C200H-AD002 Analog Input Module

C200H-AD002 Analog Input Module

Omron C200H-AD003 Analog Input Module

C200H-AD003 Analog Input Module

Omron C200H-APS01 Power Supply Adapter

C200H-APS01 Power Supply Adapter

Omron C200H-APS03 Power Supply...

C200H-APS03 Power Supply Auxilliary Module

Omron C200H-ASC01 ASCII/BASIC...

C200H-ASC01 ASCII/BASIC Coprocessor

Omron C200H-ASC02 ASCII/BASIC...

C200H-ASC02 ASCII/BASIC Coprocessor

Omron C200H-ASC31 ASCII/BASIC...

C200H-ASC31 ASCII/BASIC Coprocessor

Omron C200H-ATT01 Mounting Bracket

C200H-ATT01 Mounting Bracket

Omron C200H-B7A01 Master Link...

C200H-B7A01 Master Link Interface Module

Omron C200H-B7A02 Master Link...

C200H-B7A02 Master Link Interface Module