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Advant MOD 300

ABB Advant MOD 300 System was introduced in 1984 with features such as Integrated Control Languages CCF and TCL, Redundant Communication Network (DCN), Redundant Controllers Model A and B, History and Reports, Bulk Data I/O and Multibus Operator Consoles. All of these products are in the Obsolete life cycle phase since 2010.

Active filters

ABB PM510V16 Processor Module for MOD...

PM510V16 Processor Module for MOD 300 Software

ABB PM510V08 Processor Module for MOD...

PM510V08 Processor Module for MOD 300 Software

ABB PM510MV08 Processor Module for...

PM510MV08 Processor Module for Master Software

ABB IH572 Annuciator Keyboard

IH572 Annuciator Keyboard



ABB CI560 TRIO Field Bus Interface...

CI560 TRIO Field Bus Interface Module

ABB CS512 DCN Interface Module

CS512 DCN Interface Module

ABB DSTK 153 Analog Output Board Cable

DSTK 153 Analog Output Board Cable

ABB DSTK 221L6 Cable Assembly ,Ribbon...

DSTK 221L6 Cable Assembly ,Ribbon Cable

ABB IH530EN Universal (Operator)...

IH530EN Universal (Operator) Keyboard

ABB IH532EN Universal Keyboard - USB

IH532EN Universal Keyboard - USB

ABB IH532ENK01 Universal keyboard kit

IH532ENK01 Universal keyboard kit