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Advant Controller 250

ABB Advant Controller 250 - ABB AC250  is a complete range of process control for medium to large size applications. The same I / O units can be used both centrally and remotely, and you can combine the two into a single configuration of Advant Controller 250.

Active filters

ABB 200-ANN I/O Adapter Unit

200-ANN I/O Adapter Unit

ABB 200-BIAL Bus I/O Module

200-BIAL Bus I/O Module

ABB 200-BPN ABB Series 200 Backplane

200-BPN Series 200 Backplane

ABB 200-BUP Application Backup Unit

200-BUP Application Backup Unit

ABB 200-C1485G RS485 Communication...

200-C1485G RS485 Communication Interface Module

ABB 200-CBA/L260 Cable

200-CBA/L260 Cable

ABB 200-CI232 Communication Interface...

200-CI232 Communication Interface Module

ABB 200-CICN Communication Interface...

200-CICN Communication Interface - Control Net

ABB 200-CIE Communication Interface...

200-CIE Communication Interface Internet

ABB 200C-IE4xOE2 Digital I/O Module

200C-IE4xOE2 Digital I/O Module

ABB 200-CIPB/DP Communication...

200-CIPB/DP Communication Interface Module

ABB 200-CISB Communication Interface...

200-CISB Communication Interface Module