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Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and applications expertise.

WiAutomation offers a wide range of OMRON industrial automation parts.


- C200H

- C40H

- C500

- CJ

- CPM1

- CPM2

- CQM1

- CS1

- CV500

- CVM1

- DRT1

- NS

- NT

- S6

- 3G2

Active filters

Omron C200H-0A223 Discrete I/O Module

C200H-0A223 Discrete I/O Module

Omron C40H-C5DTD-V1 Sysmac C40H...

C40H-C5DTD-V1 Sysmac C40H Programmable Controller

Omron 3G2A3-CN221 Programming Console...

3G2A3-CN221 Programming Console Cable

Omron CPU43H CPU Module

CPU43H CPU Module

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Omron CPM1-10CDR-A Programmable...

10CDR-A Programmable Controller

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Omron CPM2A-20CDR-A Programmable...

20CDR-A Programmable Controller

Omron CQM1-AD041 Analog Input Module

AD041 Analog Input Module

Omron CS1G-CPU42-EV1 CPU 42-V1...

CPU42-EV1 CPU 42-V1 Processor Module

Omron B7AC-T10A1 B7AC Link Terminal...

T10A1 B7AC Link Terminal Units

Omron 3G2A5-AD001 Analog Input Module

AD001 Analog Input Module

Omron 3G2A3-MP521 Memory Module

MP521 Memory Module

Omron CV500-BAT08 CPU Bus Unit Backup...

BAT08 CPU Bus Unit Backup Battery