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Circuit Brakers

Schneider Electric Circuit Breakers and Switches

  • Compact NSXm
  • Compact NSX
  • Compact NS
  • PowerPact B Multistandard
  • Enerlin'X IFE
  • Masterpact MTZ
  • Masterpact NW
  • Masterpact NT
  • Masterpact NW-DC
  • Micrologic
  • Compact INS
  • Masterpact NT/NW - NA
  • Compact NSXm NA
  • TeSys GV7
  • P25M
  • TeSys mini-vario
  • TeSys GV2
  • TeSys GV3
  • Compact NS80H MA
  • Compact NSX DC & DC PV

WiAutomation offers a wide range of Schneider Electric industrial automation parts.

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