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GE Fanuc Series One

GE Fanuc Series One was the first modular PLC on the market. It was the first small PLC with analog I / O, math functions and multi-rack configurations.

Active filters

GE Fanuc IC609SJR100 PLC Series One...

IC609SJR100 PLC Series One Junior

GE Fanuc IC609SJR124 Junior...

IC609SJR124 Junior Programmable Controller

GE Fanuc IC610CBL101 I-O Expander Cable

IC610CBL101 I-O Expander Cable

GE Fanuc IC610CHS110 Rack 5-Slot with...

IC610CHS110 Rack 5-Slot with Power Supply

GE Fanuc IC610CHS130 Rack 10-Slot...

IC610CHS130 Rack 10-Slot with Power Supply

GE Fanuc IC610CPU104 CPU Module

IC610CPU104 CPU Module

GE Fanuc IC610CPU106 CPU Module 3.7K

IC610CPU106 CPU Module 3.7K

GE Fanuc IC610MDL101 Digital Input...

IC610MDL101 Digital Input Module

GE Fanuc IC610MDL102 Input Module

IC610MDL102 Input Module

GE Fanuc IC610MDL106 Input Module

IC610MDL106 Input Module

GE Fanuc IC610MDL110 High Speed...

IC610MDL110 High Speed Counter Module

GE Fanuc IC610MDL116 Analog Input Module

IC610MDL116 Analog Input Module